How do you engage a community with a topic that is seen as difficult to tackle?

NAVIGATE Sustainability Walking Tour was created as a means to educate, connect and inspire the discourse around sustainability in the community of Connells Point. By generating a Walking Tour, as opposed to a standalone festival, we hope to physically and mentally engage our audience in the sustainability conversation and instil confidence within the locals.
Through extensive research and empathetic design, a dynamic logo and branding system was created to encourage and illustrate the never-ending paths to a sustainable future.

At Navigate, we want to show our audience that no individual's journey to sustainability is the same as the next, and that its the accumulation of our combined efforts that will ultimately lead to a more sustainable future.
The use of vibrant gradients and simple geometric vectors all combine to the distinctive visual language that makes up NAVIGATE. In a community as traditional as Connells Point, colour and modern design most effectively attracts the audience's attention. 

Our posters are provided in 3 distinctive styles that also reflect the idea of growth and change, beginning with a design which fills the entire page, and ending with a centred and more minimal design. The diversity in these posters highlights the overall flexibility of the brand, and these posters can even be dissected into their own series.
Another key communication touch-point in the community of Connells Point is printed media. Above are 2 developed forms of print design, including a twist-fold letter box flyer which focuses solely on promoting the event, and a map-brochure which includes a sticker-collection system to ensure the tour's success.
PR Package to be sent to potential sponsors and volunteers.

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